At Filucry you will find products that enrich your everyday life and help you to be completely happy & satisfied.

We live in a modern world, which offers us many technical opportunities with all advantages and disadvantages. So that we can fill our days with the positive sites, there are the Filucry card cases that protect your bank cards, ID cards & co against data theft, so that you can always move around carefree.


Discover also the new, reusable hand warmers / cold pillows. Through their rapeseed filling, they store both heat and cold & give it off evenly and gently.

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New M10

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New M9

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New M8

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New M5

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New M2

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New Hand Warmer / Cold Pack Reindeer

14.00 *
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New Hand Warmer / Cold Pack My Hero

13.00 *
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New Hand Warmer / Cold Pack Fleece Berry

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New Hand Warmer / Cold Pack Fleece Petrol

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New Hand Warmer / Cold Pack Fleece Blue

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New Card Case with RFID protection Cork

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1 - 36 of 137 results

Card Cases

Handmade leatherette card cases with certified RFID / NFC protection for all relevant frequencies | made in Germany | made by Filucry

Hand Warmers / Cold Pillows

Sustainable & reusable pocket warmer filled with rapeseed. Heat in the microwave for 1 minute, have warm hands for 30 minutes

Covers for the handwarmers / cold pillows

Alternative covers for your rapeseed pillow or all pillows that have a size of 10cm x 10cm.


Sets with handmade natural reusable cotton hand warmers filled with rapeseed from Germany. Also suitable for cooling

Loop Scarfs

With the Filucry Loop scarves you always have the perfect companion for every season with you. Choose between flannel, viscose & cotton


With the bags from Filucry, you have your little things always well stowed and at hand at every time.

Travel bags

Handmade travel bags made in Germany. Carry-on baggage for your next journey or weekend trip


Elegant handbags by Filucry®. Every bag has a hand sewn front. They are suitable for prom, wedding etc.


Key Chains

Small keychain bags to store small change, Labello, hair tie & Co so that you have everything always at hand

eReader Cases

Padded eReader sleeves with magnetic closure & extra zip pocket for charging cable, money etc. Fits Kindle Paperwhite & More


Discover the latest collections and special editions by Filucry, sorted by occasion and season