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How do I heat the rapeseed pillow correctly?



Place the pillow (best without cover) on a clean plate and put it in the microwave for up to 1 minute at 600 watts. If the pillow is still not warm enough for you, you can heat it up in 10 second increments. In between, always knead briefly and check the temperature. It should not be too hot for babies and children.


How do I set 600 watts on my microwave?

1. See what maximum wattage your microwave has. You can find the information either on the device, in the manual, or you google the model type.

Most microwaves have a maximum value of about 800 watts


2. To set a lower wattage, you must reduce the percentage power. To do this, you calculate what percentage is 600 watts from the maximum power.


The most common values ​​I have put together here in the table:

Convertion Table
Maximum wattage 700 watts 800 watts 900 watts 1000 watts 3200 watts
600 watts in % 85,7% 75% 66,7% 60% 18,8%


3. Since you probably can not set your microwave to the exact value from the table, you should always choose the next lower value. So if your microwave has e.g. a maximum power of 800 watts, you would have to set it to 75%. But if you only have the choice between 80%, 60%, 40%, etc., you would take 60% in this case.

Of course, since the performance is slightly lower due to the lower number, the pillow may not be as warm after 1 minute as you would like it to be. Then you just put it back in at the same percentage level for 10 seconds until the pillow has your desired warmth. Remember how long you have warmed it up so that you can do it right away the next time ;)

If, for some reason, you can not choose a lower wattage then take the next possible one and reduce the time.



Place the pillow (best without cover) on a clean plate and place it at 100 ° C / 212°F for about 15 minutes on the middle rail of your oven. Then check if the pillow is warm enough for you. If not, just put it in the oven again for a few more minutes. Knead briefly in between and check the temperature.

If you just used the oven, you can simply put the pillow in the still warm oven and turn the temperature off. This is how you can save extra energy ;) Again, please check the heat of the pillow regularily!




And if I'm on the road & neither have microwave nor oven?

You can also put the rapeseed pillow on a warm radiator and heat it up. Try out, when it has the right temperature for you.



How can I use the rapeseed pillow as a cold pillow?

Put the pillow (without cover!) in a freezer bag and push out the remaining air when closing the bag, so that as little moisture as possible is contained. Then you put the bag for at least 1 hour in the freezer. Since you probably need the cold pad spontaneously and urgently, it makes sense to have it permanently in the freezer and take it out if necessary.

If you want to use it for cooling, you simply put it in the cover and it is ready to use. The pillow gives off cold for at least 1 hour. Then you can think about whether you want to continue to use it as a cold or heat pillow. Both are permanently possible, you should only pay attention to let the pillow cool down / warum up to room temperature until you reuse it for one of the two purposes.

Which rapeseed pillow suits me?

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