Environmentally friendly, sustainable and lovin...

Environmentally friendly, sustainable and lovingly packed


Since last spring, all products are lovingly packaged in Filucry tissue paper. On the one hand, this means that the pouches and scarves are protected if the package should get a short shower or something similar, and on the other hand, the products are nicely packed, so that the joy is even greater when unpacking the package when it arrives at your home :)

The tissue paper comes from NoIssue, a New Zealand company that specializes in offering environmentally friendly packaging solutions.
The ink is based on soy, while the paper is completely acid-free and FSC-certified.
For each order, they also plant a tree that contributes to global reforestation and is planted in an area of need.

As a business owner, it is very important to me to make my contribution to the environment, especially in these days of online distribution, by making Filucry as sustainable as possible and, especially with packaging, to make sure that they are ecologically degradable or well recyclable ,
For example, the boxes and the paper tape are compostable, so that there is no additional waste left.

How important is the topic of environment and sustainability to you?

Anyway, I'm happy about the first tree planted by NoIssue for Filucry tissue paper, and that in this way we can all do something for the environment together :)