Welcome to Filucry!

Filucry is a young handmade business founded in late 2015 by Vicky Neubronner here in the beautiful area of southwestern Germany.
Individuality, quality and personality come first. Each piece exists only in a limited edition and is completely self-fabricated by Vicky - from the idea to the patternmaking to the sewing and finally the shipping.

At the beginning of 2016 everything started with pencil pouches, which are perfectly suited to keep order in the big bag and to find even the smallest items quickly.

In spring 2016, small travel bags were added. As carry-on baggage or simply as a bag for a short trip:
The anticipation of your trip will certainly be doubled.

Of course, a handbag in the Filucry assortment should not be missed and so in the summer of 2016 elegant handbags for special occasions arose.

Warming flannel loop scarves were finally added in autumn 2016, and in 2017 they were supplemented by a number of new designs from the existing categories. In addition, small bags, shoulder bags with integrated tablet compartment and muslin scarves are now also part of the product range.

As you can see, you don´t just hold any product in your hands, but you know where it comes from, who made it and that it is something very special.
Contribute to helping handcraft and creativity come to the fore again and enjoy your very own Filucry product :)

Now I hope you enjoy browsing through my website and maybe you are soon a proud owner of a handmade product?


All the best  eco-alliance-01