Set 3x Handwarmers / Cold Pillows Fleece with lace


Set 3x Handwarmers / Cold Pillows Fleece with lace

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Dimensions: approx. 10cm x 10cm

You will receive 3 rape cushions + 3 covers (fleece fabric petrol, pink and blue with lace)



Material and care instructions:


Cover: 100% cotton, GOTS certified (blue & pink fleece fabric), STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® (Fleece fabric petrol)


Inner cushion: strong fabric made of 100% cotton, filled with rapeseed from Germany


The outer cover can be washed at 30 ° C in the washing machine, please do not wash the rape cushion! If it has been accidentally wet, put it immediately somewhere so that it can dry well.


If you want to use the cushion for cooling, make sure that the rapeseed cushion in the freezer bag is possible frozen without air (before closing, press the air out of the freezer bag).




The cushion can help with healing / regeneration through its warmth / cold, but it does not guarantee a full recovery. For serious and prolonged symptoms, please always consult a doctor.

Do not leave the cushion in the microwave or oven for more than the prescribed time, otherwise it will get very hot and risk burns!







Are you freezing in the morning on the way to work, school or university? Would you like to go for a walk, but you do not feel like cold? Have you been suffering from stomach ache, muscle tension or you just hit yourself somewhere?


As a heat / cold cushion I have two special and practical functions and I'm also a natural product and absolutely sustainable, because you can use me again and again.

For one thing, you can take me outside, for example, in the cold season, where I keep your hands nice and warm. Just put me in the microwave for 1 minute and I'll warm you for at least 30 minutes. I also support you in alleviating muscle tension and abdominal pain.

Due to my filling, which consists of German rapeseed, the heating also releases valuable essential oils, which are a great help for colds. The fact that the rapeseed are so small, I adjust myself without any problems to all joints and you can use my size of about 10cm x 10cm wonderfully where you need me right now.


Surely it happens to you from time to time that you have hit yourself somewhere and would like to cool that part. Put me at least for 1 hour (packed in a freezer bag) in the freezer or the icebox of your refrigerator and I'll gently evenly release my cold for over 1 hour. Since such small accidents usually occur suddenly and surprisingly, you can also keep me permanently (packed in a freezer bag) in the freezer and then get me when I'm needed. So I am immediately ready for action at any time.

More detailed information on heating and freezing can be found here >>


Since you should feel well next to my inner values ​​but of course also externally with me, I can be bought with many different matching covers. For the winter you maybe like me with flannel, fleece or waffle pique covers. In summer, you may prefer thin cotton sleeves. So that I wear the right outfit for every occasion, you can also buy each cushion cover individually and always put on the cover that you like. And do not worry if one of them gets dirty: The covers are all washable at 30 ° C in the washing machine.

However, you should always keep me dry, because I do not like water and moisture at all.

And if you always want to have a hot or cold pillow at hand, then just buy a set with 2 rapeseed cushions, so you're ready for any situation.


I look forward to many great experiences together with you!



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-By cutting the fabric the pattern may deviate from the picture
-The color of the fabric representation may vary by monitor setting, depending on the contrast and brightness-

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