Card Case Vinyl "Glitter blue" with RFID/NFC Protection

Card Case Vinyl "Glitter blue" with RFID/NFC Protection

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With a size of about 10cm x 7.5cm (when closed) I fit in any pocket, so you can, depending on where you go, save an extra handbag with a big wallet. With me you have all your most important ID and bank cards with you.


As your card case, I will also protect all bank cards and ID cards, which have radio chips (RFID / NFC), against unwanted data theft.

To make this possible, my interior was equipped with a Cryptalloy® foil. This is TÜV certified (
german safety standards authority) and offers, unlike many other protective materials, maximum RFID / NFC protection for ALL relevant frequencies. What frequencies they are exactly, you see at the top of the product images.

When you hold me in your hands for the first time, you can recognize the foil by my rustling. But don´t worry: as soon as you feed me with your cards, I'll be quiet.

I was also tested several times in the laboratory of Cryptalloy® on my protective effect and have passed all the tests. The certificate can be found at the top of the product photos.

I can store up to 5 cards per compartment for you. Overall, you can entrust me 10 cards. To keep them well protected at all times, you should always make sure to keep me closed as long as you do not need the cards.

Only in closed condition maximum protection is guaranteed!

Incidentally, I was made from a dark blue vinyl, which has a particularly classy effect due to its glittering and a beige velor fabric lining. Between the two layers is the Cryptalloy® foil. I am closed by a flat rubber band, so that your cards are always well protected.

I look forward to many great experiences together with you!

Please note that

-By cutting the fabric the pattern may deviate from the picture

-The color of the fabric representation may vary by monitor setting, depending on the contrast and brightness

- the card holder will be sold WITHOUT any props which you can see on the product images-



Here you can find all my details again at a glance:

Measures outside (when closed)

Length: about 10cm

Width: about 7.5cm


Material and care instructions:

Outer material:
100% PVC

Lining: 20% cotton, 80% polyester


Please only wash me by hand, because I was very lovingly made and would like to stay with you for a very long time!


What does RFID / NFC mean?

RFID / NFC denotes to the transmission of data by radio using a corresponding wireless reader.

The data stored on an RFID / NFC / radio chip can be legally, but also illegally, spied out by radio and greater distances. This opens up undreamet-of possibilities for data thieves.

Radio chips (RFID / NFC) are used in many millions of contactless cards, passports, ID cards, keys and telephones.

Through radio hackers there is the danger of:

  • Loss of money


  •  Unnoticed creation of behavior / movement profiles


  •  Car / truck / motorcycle theft


  •  Data / identity theft by radio


  •  Cloning identities / documents


  •  Unauthorized access to private and commercial premises / garages


  •  Electromagnetic Destruction of Chips / Cards (EMP)


Radio chips (RFID / NFC) are located in:


  • EC, credit, giro, bank cards, other payment cards


  • Identity cards (debit card format), passports (since 2005), other ID cards


  • Admission, employee, member, hotel, blood donor passes


  • University, library passes


  • Public transport tickets


  • Electronic keycards for buildings and garages (private / commercial)


  • Car Keys (keyless) for car / truck / motorcycle


  • Immobilizers


  • Smartphones, mobile phones

The above enumerated cards, passports, ID cards, keys and phones operate on different RFID / NFC radio frequencies.

Cryptalloy® provides maximum RFID / NFC protection for all relevant frequencies

Source: Cryptalloy®

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