Which rapeseed pillow suits me?

Which rapeseed pillow suits me?


The Filucry Rapeseed Pillows are available with many different covers. Each case has its features & benefits. In order for you to have an optimal product experience, you should ask yourself what is important to you, what is best for your well-being and what do you personally like.

Here are some questions & information about the materials that will help you find your product:

1. Are you sensitive to heat / cold when your skin comes into contact with it?

The rapeseed pillows can be used both warm and cold. As you normally would like to have heat and cold as long as possible, the pillow should be heated / cooled accordingly according to instructions.

As such, the cushions give off both heat and cold very gently and evenly. But if you are still sensitive to it, you have found a great helper with the fleece & waffelpiqué covers. Both fabrics are thicker than the remaining covers & thus dampen the temperature. Nevertheless, however, the heat / cooling time is maintained because the pillow in the core was heated / cooled as long as the other covers.

This is also convenient for babies and children, since they can safely use the pillow without the heat / cold being uncomfortable for them.


2. Which fabric structure do you prefer?

Do you like smooth, soft or textured surfaces?

Each fabric of the covers was selected by Filucry so that it is very pleasant to touch. Nevertheless, there are differences, of course. The fleece covers are very soft and made of GOTS or Oeko-Tex certified cotton. This makes them especially suitable for babies and toddlers.

The wafflepiqué covers have a great structure surface & are comparable to terry cloth. So if you want to use the rapeseed cushion as a hand warmer while walking, but at the same time sometimes has a little sweaty hands, this is the best cover for you. The wafflepiqué fabric as well as terry cloth, absorb moisture well, so you still get a very comfortable wearing experience. And if you want a "fresh" case for the next use, you can simply wash the cover in the washing machine.


3. Do you want to feel the heat / cold as intensely as possible, but still have a rapeseed pillow that is optimal for autumn & winter?

Then the flannel covers are best for you. The fabric is thin, so it lets through heat and cold well, but is still a little bit thicker than the other cotton covers. With their plaid design they also have the perfect autumn & winter look.


4. Do you want a pillow with the highest degree of heat / cooling?

Then you go well with all the covers which have not been listed in the previously mentioned points. They are made of a thin cotton fabric that allows the heat / cold of the pillow to pass completely. The cover is then almost simply a light protection, or an outfit for your rapeseed pillow that you can wash & change.