About Filucry

About Filucry


Filucry is a handmade business from Baden-Württemberg, Germany, which specializes in products that help you to live a happy & self-determined life. On the one hand it is a question of practical properties of nature, such as materials that have a special ability, to connect them with modern requirements of our everyday life.


Here you can find products such as card cases with RFID protection, which fit in any pocket, so you can move anywhere without worry. Thanks to the sewn-in Cryptalloy® foil nobody can read the data of your bank cards & ID cards. So you can use all the advantages of modern technology & yet live relaxed.

Away from technology, nature often offers the best support. For this reason, Filucry uses mostly natural raw materials such as cotton, cork and compostable packaging material.


Brand new, you will also find reusable pocket warmers, which are a pure natural product due to their rapeseed filling, keep your hands nice and warm in the cold season & support your health by their essential oils.


Filucry was founded in late 2015 by Vicky Neubronner. Then as now, she designs, produces and sews all products herself. She finds inspiration in nature and in everyday life when a situation arises for which there is no suitable solution.

Always with the focus on the fact that the product is above all useful, it is also about packing this benefit into something nice and special.

Therefore, many of the products are nature-related and rustic style, but still cozy and modern.


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